St Martin’s College

St Martin’s College

We seek to upgrade St Martin’s, our Post 19 Provision, to provide a 9 bedroomed state-of-the-art College block where students with complex disabilities can reach their potential through access to high quality, personalised learning and transition. This work will integrate our existing stand-alone Bungalows into a single environment which enables our students to access college life, comparable to their able-bodied peers. A key focus of the design is to ensure facilities which give each young person control, enabling students to express themselves and live the life they choose. We will simultaneously refurbish the bedrooms and bathrooms, which are both dated and unsuitable for the more challenging needs of our students.

The design includes an additional room, separate to the residential facility which can be used by our Social Care group and provide an area for a community café which will be run by the students.

Our young people are at the heart of everything we do. The teachers, support staff and therapy team are driven by an unfaltering belief that disability should not act as a barrier to living a full and meaningful life. The young people coming to St Martin’s today have physical and health needs that are more complex and challenging than those of a decade ago. Over the past ten years advances in medical technology have seen survival rates of preterm babies and children after severe trauma or illness increase. This has resulted in a significant shortage of special school and college places, both in Gloucestershire and nationally.

Post-19 Students are accommodated across two bungalows, Jean Paul House, built in 1990 and St Martin’s built in 2000, which are adjacent to each other, but not currently linked. Both are now very dated and lack specialist bedrooms and bathroom facilities which promote wellbeing and independence in our cohort. In addition, to socialise in the evenings, students are required to move between the bungalows which is not always possible due to weather and capacity of support staff.

By linking the Bungalows, friendships and independent leisure time will be more in the control of the individual and our staff will be provided with a safer working environment at night and in incline weather. The new recreational room will provide an independent area for our Social Care day group as well as an area which will be accessible by the local community.

In addition to changing the lives of young people for many years to come, the project will positively impact our local community.

• Increase college residential numbers from 9 to 12 by approximately 2023/4.
• Create two new apprenticeships opportunities for school leavers.
• Create up to 16/17 new jobs and training opportunities.

The cost of linking the two bungalows, building a new recreational room which will be used for social groups and refurbishing the bedrooms and bathrooms has been quoted at £616,879.00 including fees and VAT.

The funding will be used to:

• To segregate the college teaching facilities from the residential accommodation.
• To extend the residential facilities by an additional 3 bedrooms to further future proof our service.
• Provide a safer working environment for staff and to give the students easier access to the lounges within the residential facilities.
• Provide an independent area for our Social Care day group as well as an area which will be accessible by the local community.
• The upgrade will reduce ongoing maintenance and with upgrades to heating and lighting will achieve savings to us, as well as the environment.

We are just starting our journey and fundraising for this phase of St Rose’s 2o25,  but if you would like to talk to us about a great fundraising idea call the Appeals Office 01453 763793 Ex 225 or email

If you’d like to find out more about St Martin’s College, you can view the floor plans and drawings. And keep up to date with our updates on our News page and Twitter.