Holistic Approach


The team of therapists at St Martin’s work, collaboratively alongside both education and residential care staff to provide strategies, targets and individual programmes to enable students to access learning opportunities across all settings.

Support from a range of therapies is a central part of the holistic approach that we adopt at St Martin’s. We aim to give all students the best opportunity to achieve their full potential. We believe in education without barriers with appropriate therapy in place to support this. Multi-disciplinary assessments inform sessions. This ensures therapy is embedded throughout the curriculum in order to support students to achieve.

Our students face many challenges in their daily lives. The right therapies delivered at the optimal time and place for change helps to turn these challenges into opportunities for development, learning and achievement. We aim for all our therapeutic input to be motivating, enhancing and empowering.

Training others to support students’ therapy is an important part of every therapists’ role. We regularly run training events and workshops for families and staff to complement the collaborative approach that we take.