Our young adults have access to a wide range of enrichment activities which are offered at St Martin’s that provide many opportunities for social, emotional and physical development.  We also want to provide a range of activities that are student led and allow them opportunities to develop more independence and life skills.  St Martin’s is within close proximity of the town centre Stroud and gives easy access to banks, shops, cafes, pubs and leisure facilities including a bowling alley and cinema. We also support our young adults to attend concerts, musical festivals, sports events and other special events and places of interest.  We always do our best to facilitate what the young people want to do and consult and involve them when making plans for the extended day, evenings and weekends. It is important that they all feel empowered and also have opportunities to pursue their own interests whether that’s attending Local Council Meetings, playing in an orchestra or spending time in our on-site sensory room.


St Martin’s is keen to promote healthy living and places a strong emphasis on students participating in sports activities. Our students have opportunities to participate in boccia, horse riding, rebound, swimming, yoga and athletics. They are able to compete in sports meetings with young people from other schools and colleges both locally and nationally.


Our Scout Group was set up in 2009 and has grown in popularity over the years. The Scout Group consists of students aged 10 to 16, and Explorer Troop consisting of students aged 16 to 19 + and also Network links to Scouting for some of our 19 + students. The Troop aims to remove barriers and to give our students the same opportunities to participate in activities as other scout groups.


We have a strong tradition of encouraging music and drama to enhance the curriculum, to promote self-esteem and confidence and for the sheer joy of performance.  Each summer term the students are part of a whole community drama performance, or a music prom where they are involved in all aspects of the performance and the benefits for them are broad and far-reaching, as they participate together in the show and reach a wide audience of people.

Calvert Trust

The Calvert Trust is an outdoor activity centre which is adapted for our students and enables them to participate in new and challenging activities including rock climbing, sailing, canoeing and carriage driving. It is a fantastic opportunity that challenges them and helps them develop independence and for some it is the first time they have stayed away from home.

Social Events

We hold a number of social events during the year as a whole community. These include discos, barbecues, special occasions, events festivals and meals out.