Life after St Martin’s

Young man with teaching assistant learning in class


St Martin’s is committed to supporting young people to achieve positive outcomes from their time at college. They are involved in planning and reviewing their progress in all aspects of their learning and development and their future is always a key focus during their time at St Martin’s.

Our emphasis is on them learning the skills and knowledge they need to be better prepared for adulthood and their next destination after college. Communication and independence are areas which are fundamental to their future and our aim is for each student to have a functional communication system and as much independence as possible before they leave St Martin’s.

Transition Plan

As soon as students have transitioned from their previous placement and are attending St Martin’s we begin to plan their transition. Each student has their own transition plan which supports them during their time here and their annual reviews also focus on next steps.

Transition plan

Work Related Learning and careers

Each student is considered as an individual and their abilities taken into account.

Individual Vocational profiles are used as a framework for developing and describing work related learning for each student.

There is a Work Related Learning Plan which reflects our approach to WRL across the curriculum and Pathways A, B and C and clarifies the activities our students will be involved in.

Pathway A students who have a sensory based curriculum who will have opportunities to experience different types of work e.g. enterprise, cookery, horticulture etc. They will not have discrete work related learning lessons.

Pathway B students who are pre-entry 1 have Work Related Learning on their timetables and have opportunities for internal and external work placements as appropriate,

Pathway C students who are Entry level 1-3/Level 1 students have WRL on their timetables and have opportunities for internal and external work placements.

We have linked with Change Now and Talentino to improve opportunities for internal and external work placements.

Our Careers Leader is Juliette Oliver and she can be contacted on


In recent years we have had students who have moved  on to fulltime residential care, supported internships and students who have accessed local social care settings. All our leavers receive the transition that is appropriate to meet their individual needs. As well as comprehensive therapy, care and health reports we also provide students with internal and external mentoring. The next step can be very difficult for many of our students so we believe in providing them with as much support as they need to ensure their transitions are successful. In many cases we have continued to provide support to the staff at their new settings and our staff also keep in touch with students.