Sensory Impairment

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Sensory Impairment

St Rose’s and St Martin’s support students with a wide range of needs. Many of our students have sensory impairments which occur alongside other complex physical and/or learning difficulties.

The term ‘sensory impairment’ encompasses any degree of visual or hearing loss. A person with a multi-sensory impairment will have a degree of loss to both their vision and their sight.

At St Rose’s and St Martin’s we are very aware of the impact that sensory impairments can have on a student’s ability to learn, communicate and understand their world. We ensure that our planning addresses these needs and make sure that every student has access to the specialist professional input that is appropriate to their needs. Our students’ learning and care plans are informed by guidance from advisory teachers, educational psychologists, medical professionals and the St Rose’s and St Martin’s multi-disciplinary team.

There are a great many strategies and approaches that can be used to support students with sensory impairments. We ensure that staff are trained to understand the individual needs of every student and are confident in providing the most appropriate interventions.




St Rose’s aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers stimulating opportunities appropriate to the needs of our students.




A team of experienced therapists are employed directly by the school to work alongside education and care staff. Collaborative therapy and sharing that knowledge is integral to the work of our school.



When a child or young person is happy, they have the best chance of progressing and achieving their goals. Ensuring that your child’s emotional needs are met is as important as their physical requirements.