Five students went to Archway School on Friday 29th November for a New Age Kurling event organised by Stroud Schools Sport. After an initial briefing, St Rose’s were raring to go! John Henry delivered the first stone brilliantly and Lucas soon followed. Wilfrid released his stone accurately with the help of a ramp and knocked all of our opponents stones clear of the target! St Rose’s finished 2-0 in the first round with Khadija using all her strength to glide her stone into position.

Poppy was first to play in our second game and watched carefully as her red stone headed towards to scoring board, Willfrid chose to deliver his second stone from standing and John Henry effortlessly sent his down towards the target. Lucas waited patiently until his turn came around but unfortunately, the opposition won the second round. Play continued and all of the St Rose’s team showed great team spirit throughout the morning and we also made friends with many other children from around the district. We were not fortunate enough to get through to the final round but we came away with huge smiles on our faces and some fabulous certificates. Well done to everyone involved.

We’re very excited to have a personal message from Tweedy the clown for the students at St Rose’s.

Abi Clark

Please join us in saying congratulations to Abi Clarke who has passed her course and is now an Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner. Congratulations Abi!

St. Rose's

Dear Parents/Carers I hope you are keeping well. Over the last week the leadership team have been making plans for school and college to open for a small number of students over the coming weeks. Many of you will continue to self isolate and shield your children and teachers and therapists  will continue to keep […]