St Rose’s offers education to children and young people in early years (ages 2–5); main school (ages 5-16) and sixth form (ages 16-19).

We believe in education without barriers and, accordingly, each child/ young person follows an individual curriculum that is adapted and modified to suit their needs. This is delivered in a range of facilities, some of which are dedicated to the specific provision, and some that are shared. Students also benefit from partnerships with other providers (including mainstream schools and FE colleges).

Staff across the organisation are committed to helping every young person learn and achieve; they seek to provide opportunities that allow each to be challenged to develop their full potential and acquire their own sense of independence. A key aspect of St Rose’s provision is the way that staff work ‘seamlessly’ together to refine their approach with each student.

Our curriculum provision is constantly being evaluated and student progress monitored so that we can be confident that we are providing the best experience for each child/ young person. ICT (information communication technology) provides an important range of tools to support this and staff are skilled in helping students learn to use assistive technologies to maximise their learning and progress. There are many stories of student success – these can be accessed here.

Student progress and achievement is shared with parents and professionals (where appropriate) in a range of ways including Individual Plans (a document combining an Individual Education Plan and an Individual Therapy Plan); care plans; person-centred annual review meetings; parents’ consultations, written reports and a home-school communication book.

Parents and carers play an important part in helping their son/ daughter to achieve their potential and are encouraged to be in regular contact with staff so that the changing needs of each young person can be addressed. A parents’ forum and focus group both offer important channels of communication.




St Rose’s aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers stimulating opportunities appropriate to the needs of our students.




A team of experienced therapists are employed directly by the school to work alongside education and care staff. Collaborative therapy and sharing that knowledge is integral to the work of our school.



When a child or young person is happy, they have the best chance of progressing and achieving their goals. Ensuring that your child’s emotional needs are met is as important as their physical requirements.