St Rose’s Big Bounce

Go on – Give Us A Bounce!

Why we need to raise £1.5 million and how you can help.

All our children, whether they are 2 years old or 22, have complex disabilities. They face enormous challenges in communicating, in learning and in mobilising. But, in the nurturing environment of St Roses School and Residential Centre, they learn life skills that enable them to be as independent as they can be. Just like we want all our children to be.  After all, independence is just another word for growing up.

Not only do these young people need to be in a safe and loving environment as they learn, little by little, to master new skills. The buildings and rooms themselves need to be uniquely adapted to the challenges they face. Some of them struggle with loud, echoey spaces, others have visual impairments which means they find it tricky to work out which room they are in. Our lovely Georgian building is cosy, but you can hardly turn today’s wheelchairs around in some rooms. Just one reason why we urgently need to redesign our residential facilities.

That’s why we’re asking for your donations and support for ST ROSES BIG BOUNCE.   We aim to start building Quentin House this October.

A uniquely special, state of the art home-from-home.

All by the power of bouncing!


Katherine Marchant, Lead Therapist

“Quentin House is going to be an enabling environment”

Quentin House will be so much more than just a house. It will be a place to learn essential life skills like cooking, bathing, socialising with friends and yes, even washing up and tidying away their own laundry!

As Katherine Marchant, Lead Therapist at St Roses explains “This new accommodation will be a purpose-built enabling environment. We spend a very small proportion of our time at school – most of a child’s life is spent at home so the home environment we’re creating needs to enable the children to develop their communication skills, enjoy play time, enjoy socialising, all the things that make a wonderful home life”.


Dylan Nobes, St Roses Special Ambassador

“Independence is key”



Most of our children need exceptionally high levels of support and help in communicating, but in this new, future-proofed living environment, they can begin to master the life skills that will allow them independence and control over their world.

15 year old Dylan Nobes  joined St Rose’s nursery when he was just 2 in 2007. He has been appointed Special Ambassador for the Big Bounce campaign “I think I speak for the whole school when I say independence is key to moving on. Not just here but when we move school and beyond. I’m proud to be helping with the fundraising and to help future students grow and thrive in this brand new part of our school”.

We all know, dream houses cost money and this one will cost £1.5 million. We believe it is worth every penny and we will be able to welcome twice the number of children that we currently can.

The children themselves are taking up the challenge and bouncing every day for ST ROSES BIG BOUNCE.  They have committed to bouncing on both the indoor and the outdoor trampolines, which means that everyone is included – proof that you absolutely CAN bounce in a wheelchair! Bouncing is part of their everyday therapy and the children do lots of it! It helps relax muscles, meets physical and sensory needs and just puts a smile on everyone’s face. “I’m a happy person anyway but it makes me feel happy to bounce!” Dylan said after his daily bouncing session.

Please sponsor them, either with a one-off donation or with a pound a bounce – they really are going for gold. They have set themselves the target of 1.5 million bounces – that’s 10 a day for 12 weeks – at £1 a bounce.


If you give us a bounce, you’ll be giving us so much more!

Join in and bounce!

We would love you to bounce along to raise money too because Every Bounce Counts!

You can bounce on a trampoline, bounce on a spacehopper, even a pogo stick.  Or, as our patron Eddie the Eagle says, “even on your bed!”

You can be sponsored per bounce, or by the number of minutes you bounce.

And you can put your own dream team and bounce with your buddies. Join our team on Just Giving

Or download a personal sponsor form here – and don’t forget to send us pictures of your own Big Bounce at #strosesbigbounce

A donation to St Roses is needed now more than ever – thank you so much for your support.



St Rose’s aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers stimulating opportunities appropriate to the needs of our students.




A team of experienced therapists are employed directly by the school to work alongside education and care staff. Collaborative therapy and sharing that knowledge is integral to the work of our school.



When a child or young person is happy, they have the best chance of progressing and achieving their goals. Ensuring that your child’s emotional needs are met is as important as their physical requirements.