16 to 19 Provision


16 to 19 Provision

At St Rose’s we believe in education for all, without barriers. All students follow personalised learning programmes. St Rose’s creates an inspiring environment where students succeed at their individual level. We are a community where each person is encouraged to develop their potential. Students are proud of their achievements and enjoy their sense of belonging to the St Rose’s family.

At St Rose’s we carefully support and manage the transition to post-16 for both existing St Rose’s students and those who want to join as at that stage. New students are very welcome and we enjoy the new perspectives that they bring to our community. St Rose’s Post-16 team aims to make sure that the students have a combination of education, social and extra-curricular activities. We also incorporate work related learning and work experiences into the curriculum. Post-16 students have a common room which they use at various times in the day and they do not wear school uniform.

We believe that learning can, and should, take place at any time throughout the day and staff ensure that this happens by making full use of joint planning and review meetings as well as carefully managed ‘hand-over’ times Dual-role (care/ TA) staff contribute to this approach by working in both school and residential settings. We follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which allows students to work towards a range of appropriate accredited courses. These currently include AQA Unit awards and ASDAN Entry Level Certificate and Functional Skills courses, however, in line with our personalised approach to learning we make use of any that are appropriate for our students. The curriculum is arranged in half-termly topics which incorporate subjects in a cross-curricular way. All learning is appropriately differentiated taking into account student needs.

Classes are also grouped according to student need and approach to learning with specialist staff using a variety of methods in order to maximise progress. The classes are kept small in size with high staff: student ratio which we believe helps to create a nurturing and safe environment. Staff carry out regular and robust assessments of the students in order to plan individual outcomes and ensure that needs are met.

A wide variety of therapies are offered as part of the education and residential provision; therapy sessions are delivered in class or through withdrawal as appropriate. A multi-disciplinary team (comprising the class teacher, therapists and teaching assistants) sets challenging targets which will allow for individual achievement. We also offer the reassurance of 24 hour nursing support.

Our education staff are highly trained specialists, who have great skill and experience in working with students with a wide range of needs. We carry out individual moving and handling plans, individual risk assessments, personalised health care plans which cover every aspect of a student’s life at St Rose’s. Student progress and achievement is shared with parents in a range of ways. These include Individual Plans (a document which combines an Individual Education Plan and an Individual Therapy Plan); care plans; person-centred annual review meetings; parents’ consultations, written reports and a home-school communication book. All of these methods are designed to capture and report an holistic view of each student that allows us to celebrate progress in many areas – not just academic.

At St Rose’s we offer after school clubs which include Boccia, our own Scout group, rebound, social events such as disco’s and outings to access the wider community. We also visit other schools (mainstream and special), and have strong links with other school communities. We regularly take part in a wide range of inter-school activities such as: music days; drama performances; sporting events and also specific curriculum-related activities.

We have a person centred approach to all of our annual reviews and EHC plan meetings to ensure that the student is the focus of all decisions.




St Rose’s aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that offers stimulating opportunities appropriate to the needs of our students.




A team of experienced therapists are employed directly by the school to work alongside education and care staff. Collaborative therapy and sharing that knowledge is integral to the work of our school.



When a child or young person is happy, they have the best chance of progressing and achieving their goals. Ensuring that your child’s emotional needs are met is as important as their physical requirements.